Friedman stands up for gender equality, addresses wage gap Press Release

BOSTON – On Wednesday, Feb. 14, Senator Friedman and other members of the Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators wore purple to stand in support of the Legislators for Gender Equality Movement.

Created and organized by Zoe Laboy Alvarado, Senator at Large for Puerto Rico, the movement is to encourage legislators to take a stand for gender equality in all facets of life. Currently, there are 50 women serving in the Massachusetts legislature – representing 25% of elected seats. In contrast, only 14 women are serving in the Puerto Rico legislature that has a total of 78 seats.

“In the 387-year history of the Massachusetts General Court, over 20,000 men have been elected as lawmakers compared to only 196 women,” Senator Friedman explained. “Today is a serious reminder that we have to continue to push for equal opportunity for women throughout the Commonwealth and across our nation so that all women have an equal shot at success.”

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