Motherhood Matters, Youth Brigade Health Fair Wholistic Health Alliance (WHA)

Wholistic Health Alliance (WHA) organized ‘Motherhood Matters, Youth Brigade Health Fair’ event on February 4th, at Academy of Creative Arts in Burlington, MA. WHA believes that by facilitating the physical, mental and emotional well-being of Mothers and Youth, one can impact most public health parameters positively. The morning session started with a panel discussion featuring Mothers from different walks of life. Senator Cindy Friedman presided over this segment and shared some valuable and inspiring inputs from her role as a mother of 3 grown up children.

“The Wholistic Health Alliance does important work to promote healthy lifestyles for ourselves, our families, and our friends throughout the community. This weekend’s event was engaging and informative, and I look forward to watching the organization grow as it continues to educate the community about the value of ‘wholistic’ health.” said Senator Cindy Friedman.

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