Senate Unveils Pharmaceutical Access, Cost and Transparency (PACT) Act

BOSTON – Today, the Massachusetts Senate unveiled An Act relative to Pharmaceutical Access, Cost and Transparency (PACT Act), comprehensive pharmaceutical cost control legislation aimed at addressing the high and rapidly increasing costs of prescription drugs.  By connecting the need for greater drug price transparency with policies to improve oversight over the pharmaceutical industry, the legislation will put Massachusetts at the forefront of state’s efforts to tackle increasing drug costs. It will also reduce drug costs to patients and lower health care costs overall.

“Our goal for health care is to create a system that delivers affordable, high quality and accessible health care to all of our residents,” said Senator Cindy F. Friedman (D-Arlington), Senate chair of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing. “We have made significant progress moving the Commonwealth toward this goal, but there is a lot more work that needs to be done. This bill serves as the next step in achieving this goal by providing immediate relief for certain high cost drugs, improving patient access to medications, and enhancing transparency and oversight within the pharmaceutical industry. If we are to reduce the cost of health care overall, we must take meaningful action to reduce the costs of drugs. This bill is the start of that effort.”

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