Massachusetts Senate Passes the Healthy Youth Act

BOSTON – On January 16, Senator Cindy F. Friedman, D-Arlington, joined her Senate colleagues in passing the Healthy Youth Act. This bill would ensure that Massachusetts schools electing to provide their students with sex education use age-appropriate and medically accurate information that covers a comprehensive range of topics.

“Ensuring that our school districts provide medically accurate and age-appropriate sex education is commonsense,” said Senator Cindy F. Friedman. “Particularly in the era of the #MeToo movement, it’s critical that our youth understand the meaning of consent, how to build healthy relationships, the benefits of delaying sex, how to prevent STIs and pregnancy, and LGBTQIA+ health needs. Thank you to the students from my district who came to my office to advocate for this important bill, which will ensure that all youth are well-informed and equipped with the tools they need to lead healthy lives.”

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