Public safety

Senator Friedman has sponsored the following bills relative to public safety in the 2019-2020 legislative session:

S1261 An Act to promote public safety and certainty related to child deaths

  • Summary: This bill would require that an autopsy report for a child under the age of two be reviewed and approved by the state’s Chief Medical Examiner to determine the cause of death. Changes to the autopsy report would also have to be reviewed and approved by the Chief Medical Examiner.

S1412 An Act relative to regional lockup facilities

  • Summary: This bill would authorize county sheriffs to establish regional lockup facilities to house persons arrested with or without a warrant, or any person arrested under any civil process. Currently, many sheriffs find it difficult to house such individuals in the existing jails and houses of corrections. Participating municipalities would enter into agreements with country sheriffs to create such lockup facilities, with the required approval of county commissioners if applicable.

S1969 An Act relative to improving gas workers field safety

  • Summary: This bill would establish a set of natural gas worker and public safety reforms, including new requirements related to inspection, gas leak repair and oversight.