Elder Affairs

Sponsored Legislation

S.404 An Act to strengthen emergency preparedness for home care workers

This bill would require the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS), in consultation with the Department of Elder Affairs and MassHealth, to develop hazard pay metrics, standards, and procedures for long-term care providers, that would be triggered in the event of any COVID-19 resurgence, statewide public health emergency, severe statewide weather emergency, or other statewide emergency incident. It would also direct EOHHS to develop and implement a mandatory infection control standard training program for direct employees of home health agencies and home care agencies. Additionally, this bill would establish an online Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Exchange for the purpose of identifying, aggregating and making available for purchase and procurement necessary PPE to be utilized by the Massachusetts long-term care workforce. Lastly, this bill would mandate the utilization of the Massachusetts Home Care Registry to improve communications with home care agency workforce during public health and other state emergencies.