Lexington officials laud Sustainable Lexington for leadership in clean energy efficiency

BOSTON — On Nov. 30, Senator Cindy Friedman and Representative Jay Kaufman applauded the announcement that Sustainable Lexington had been selected for a statewide leadership award recognizing the group’s efforts to promote local clean energy initiatives. The award was given to Sustainable Lexington during the Commonwealth’s 11th Leading by Example Awards ceremony, which annually recognizes several state agencies, public colleges, municipalities, or public sector individuals for their leadership in promoting clean energy and environmental initiatives.

Sustainable Lexington received this award for a home energy assessment program that has covered 25% of Lexington’s homes this year, achieving 2.2MW of solar installed at the town’s closed landfill site, the recent expansion of the town’s composting facility capacity with less land, and the addition of new bicycle and pedestrian paths.

“I’m very proud that the Commonwealth has chosen to recognize Sustainable Lexington for its leadership in implementing innovative energy initiatives to promote a healthier environment for all,” said Senator Friedman (D-Arlington). “By transitioning to cleaner energy sources and making substantial efforts to address rising energy costs, the committee has played an integral role in ensuring that Massachusetts continues to lead in sustainability and clean energy efficiency.”

“I’m thrilled that Lexington again has shown to be a leader in promoting ‘Green Energy’ initiatives in receiving a Leading by Example award. We’ve all know for some time now how important it is to switch to clean, green, and renewable energy sources if we are to have a sustainable environment for generations to come. This award demonstrates the Town of Lexington’s commitment to that end,” said Representative Kaufman (D-Lexington).

Marc Valenti, Manager of Operations at the Lexington Department of Public Works, Lisa Fitzgibbons and Mark Sandeen of Sustainable Lexington were present at the State House ceremony to accept the award.

The Leading by Example (LBE) program is an office of the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and coordinates clean energy and environmental opportunities at facilities owned and operated by the Commonwealth. The awards were presented at a State House ceremony by Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton, DOER Commissioner Judith Judson, and Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance Commissioner Carol Gladstone.