Mass Retirees Endorse Friedman

Below is a statement submitted to the Friedman campaign on behalf of the Mass Retirees prior to the special primary election on June 27th:

Mass Retirees logoDear Candidate Friedman:

On behalf of the Retired State, County and Municipal Employees Association, we take great pride in endorsing your candidacy for the 4th Middlesex Senatorial District, a seat formerly held by the late Senator Ken Donnelly.

As you know, we lost a very good friend with Senator Donnelly’s passing. He will always be remembered by us as one of our most ardent supporters and defenders in the State House. While Senator Donnelly’s shoes will be difficult to fill, his path must certainly be followed and his remarkable legacy continued.

We believe that if elected, you will achieve these ends as a strong advocate for public retirees and their families. And we base this not simply on assurances but action.

While working with Senator Donnelly over the years, we also had the opportunity to see you in action as his chief of staff. Without question, you’ve shown yourself to be not only knowledgeable on the issues of utmost importance to public retirees and survivors but also strongly committed to promoting their interests and getting results on their behalf in the State House.

A guiding principle of our Association is that we must stand with those candidates who choose to stand by public retirees and will be there for us when called upon, as was Senator Donnelly. You have been and no doubt, will remain a close friend of our Association who we can count on.

Therefore, we again take great pride in endorsing your candidacy for the 4th Middlesex Senatorial District.

Most sincerely,

Frank Valeri

Shawn Duhamel