Public Safety and Homeland Security

Sponsored Legislation

S.1593 An Act relative to regional lockup facilities

This bill would authorize county sheriffs to establish regional lockup facilities to house persons arrested with or without a warrant, or any person arrested under any civil process. Currently, many sheriffs find it difficult to house said individuals in the existing jails and houses of corrections. Participating municipalities would enter into agreements with county sheriffs to create such lockup facilities, with the required approval of county commissioners if applicable. Such agreements would set forth the details pertaining to transportation, booking, fees to be paid per arrested person and an indemnification agreement. The bill would give the county sheriff responsibility for appointing the administrator of the regional lockup facility, and would grant transporting police officers the full authority and jurisdiction of a police officer through any city, town or county.

Cosponsored Legislation

S.1562 An Act relative to crime gun data reporting and analysis (Creem)

S.1566 An Act to promote rehabilitation including guaranteed health, treatment, and safety for incarcerated LGBTQI+ People (Cyr)

S.1570 An Act relative to fire safety education in schools and colleges (DiDomenico)

S.1579 An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents (Eldridge)