Legislature rejects Baker’s MassHealth plan Lowell Sun

GOV. BAKER’S MASSHEALTH CHANGES (H.3822) — House 41-116, Senate 32-6 rejected Gov. Charlie Baker’s proposal to make some major changes to MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid program that provides health care for approximately 1.4 million qualified low-income and disabled persons.

Supporters said Baker’s plan is a humane and responsible approach and argued that under the changes, not a single person would lose coverage, and low-income families would continue to have access to zero-premium health plans.

Opponents said the Legislature just a few days ago held a hearing on these changes and argued more time is needed to consider strategies to control cost growth in MassHealth and the entire health care system. Others said changes will kick 100,000 working parents off MassHealth in favor of more expensive insurance with less coverage.

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