Female lawmakers hope for stronger harassment policies Lowell Sun

BOSTON — As allegations of misogyny and sexual harassment swirl both inside and outside of the Statehouse, local female lawmakers areas said leaders on Beacon Hill should take tough and swift action against harassers on a zero-tolerance basis.

“I think it’s something that women face everywhere, no matter what the situation is, what the field is,’ said state Sen. Cindy Friedman, whose district includes Billerica and Burlington. “It’s pretty rampant as we can see, as we’ve learned — all the stories have come out in different fields.”

“I really believe that if you want to stop certain behaviors from happening, it needs to come from the top,’ Friedman said, ‘and people who are in a position of power need to understand that if they engage in this kind of behavior that there’s consequences, and they will be strong and they will be swift.”

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