Arlington celebrates National Community Development Week Arlington Advocate

Town officials and state representatives celebrated National Community Development Week in Arlington on April 3. The event started at the Thompson School where attendees heard from CDBG Administrator Julie Wayman, Sen. Cindy Friedman, Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine, Selectman Joe Curro and Rep. Sean Garballey. All reflected on the importance of the program to the town and took pride in the community-based programs supported by the Community Development Block Grant program.

“The Community Development Block Grant program is a prime example of what government does really well,” said Friedman. “Through this program, we are able to improve the quality of life for Arlington residents and ensure that many individuals have an equal chance at success as well as the ability to live in an environment that meets their needs. I’m pleased to live in and represent a town that values the importance of community development and is committed to making a positive impact on our neighborhoods and residents.”

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