Severely injured police beseech State House in benefits battle

Two local police officers, forced to retire after facing death in the line of duty, are battling for a bill that would provide violently injured cops with benefits to spare them an added financial burden.

The officers told their stories Tuesday to the Joint Committee on Public Service during a hearing at the State House, pushing for a piece of legislation filed by Sen. Cindy Friedman that would give severely injured police officers 100% of their regular pay until they reach retirement age and then 80% of their pension. They noted that if the bill passes, they won’t receive the benefits, but urged the committee to report it out favorably.

“It is unconscionable and, frankly, insulting that we force police officers who have suffered a life-altering injury to go through such a burdensome and emotionally straining process to receive the benefits necessary to sustain themselves and their families after such a tragic event,’ said Friedman. “Surely, it is the least we can do.”

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