Billerica lawmaker breaks down bill to create ‘safe-consumption site’ pilot program

“With lawmakers working to find not only creative but effective ways to combat the opioid crisis that still has a vice grip on not only Massachusetts but the nation, state Sen. Cindy Friedman, D-Arlington, is making progress towards possibly bringing the first safe-injection site program in the country to Massachusetts.

Friedman, who is the state senator for Billerica, recently sat down to speak about proposed program, to shed light on what could become a first for opioid treatment in the United States.

First, Friedman said if passed a program like this would not be foisted on a city or town. A community would have to express interest in the program coming to them. She said while she hasn’t directly worked with anyone in Billerica on this, larger municipalities such as Cambridge and Somerville have expressed interest.”

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