More steps needed to ensure gas system’s safety

In the next few weeks the Legislature has a chance to make all of us who live in communities served by natural gas feel more reassured about the safety of the pipes that run under our streets and into our homes and provide us with heat, hot water and energy for cooking.

As the National Transportation Safety Board made clear in its findings on the explosions that tore through the Merrimack Valley a year ago, safety comes from adequate oversight of our natural gas system, and the use of skilled, experienced workers on that system.

While the state has taken some steps in the wake of the tragedy to tighten up oversight of the natural gas infrastructure, more is needed. That’s why, with the co-sponsorship of Sen. Cindy Friedman and the support of the 1,600 gas workers in the New England Gas Workers Alliance, we are seeking passage of an omnibus bill taking even more steps for a safe gas system.

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